Congratulations Kazuo Ishiguro!

A huge congratulations goes out to the prolific and philosophical author, Kazuo Ishiguro, for winning the 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature!

The Nobel is arguably the most prestigious literary award–however it’s also often viewed as particularly political. You nuriedgiantmay remember that singer-songwriter Bob Dylan won last year, causing a ripple affect of how we define literature, and an accompanying analysis of Dylan’s work. To add to the controversy, Dylan refused to accept the award at the traditional gala, opting instead to wait a few months and receive the award at a private ceremony in April 2017. He then waited till the last minute to deliver his Novel Lecture–the only requirement to receive the eight million kronor (837,000 euros, $891,000) that comes with the prize.

In selecting Mr. Ishiguro, the Swedish Nobel academy, which has been criticized in the past for using the prize to make a political statement, seemed to be focused on pure literary merit. Born in Nagasaki, Japan, in 1954, he moved to England with his family at a young age. Ishiguro’s books are known for their themes of memory, time, and self-delusion.

To check-out Ishiguro’s works here at NVCL follow this link.