The Top Shelf is the North Vancouver City Library’s Readers’ Blog, featuring book lists, thoughts on reading, and more!

How you can participate:

  • Comment on posts.
  • Email us with ideas for posts or your own book reviews.

We now accept Guest Postings from published authors.  If you are interested, please read our Submission Guidelines below:


  • Our Guest bloggers are published authors of works of interest to our readership.  Be inspired!
  • Our Guest bloggers’ submissions should be between 250 and 500 words.
  • Our Guest bloggers cannot republish these posts elsewhere.
  • Our Guest bloggers will receive a byline.
  • Our Guest bloggers’ posts might be edited; we will add contextual links and bolding.
  • Our Guest bloggers can include photos and other media in their posts – if not, we will add them.
  • Our Guest bloggers will answer comments from our readership, if posted on the blog.
  • Our Guest bloggers must submit their posts at least a week in advance of their posting
  • If you’d like to be a Guest blogger, please contact Patricia at plesku@cnv.org

For more information about North Vancouver City Library, visit our website at www.nvcl.ca.

Happy Reading!


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