Patricia’s Picks for Stress-Free School Lunches

After two glorious months of summer the Labour Day weekend has somehow once again managed to sneak up on my and my family.  We find ourselves utterly unprepared for the looming cycle of up early, pack lunches, rush to school and work, lessons, lessons, lessons, homework, bed, and repeat.  If you’re anything like me, all of the above is a chaotic labour of love with the exception of packing lunches.  Lunches do me in.  (Seriously in September alone there are 19 packed lunch days x3 kids…. That’s nearly 60 kid lunches!?!)  Here’s where I’ll seek inspiration this September:

LunchWhat’s for Lunch: How Schoolchildren Eat Around the World by Andrea Curtis

Why I really like this book is because it offers children a way into a deeper understanding about food.  My children are incredibly lucky to always have enough to eat, and this book allows them to lock into an appreciation of that fact, while piquing their curiosity about how children eat in other countries.

ellaDeliciously Ella Everyday:  Quick and Easy Recipes for Gluten-free Snacks, Packed Lunches, and Simple Meals by Ella Woodword

Any packed lunch cookbook with the words “quick,” “easy,” and “simple” in the title is all right by me, but Ella Woodword’s ambitions don’t end there.  She also aims to help eaters eat less sugar, meat, and dairy without intensive labour.  Best of all, the recipes contained within are suitable for adult lunches too.

workmanThe Mom 100 Cookbook: 100 Recipes Every Mom Needs in her Back Pocket by Katie Workman

Parents, Katie Workman gets us.  She’s organized her cookbook both by meals and by dilemmas parents face, covering everything from potlucks to getting your little ones to eat more veggies.  (My one complaint is that I wish she’d given a shout out to the dads in the title — They cook too.)

harrycookbookThe Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook by Dinah Buchotz

I’m fully intending to leverage the Harry Potter connection here to amp up the my kids’ enthusiasm for lunchtime.  There’s way too much sugar in this cookbook for it to be a reliable standby in my kitchen, but I’m relying on a little slight of hand with this one.  If I make a Delciously Ella recipe with the Harry Potter Cookbook on the table… Well let’s just say the associations they make aren’t my fault and leave it there, shall we?

Here’s wishing you a magical 500+ packed lunches ’til summer!


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