Backyard Bears & Other Outdoor Musings

With multiple local bear incidents in the last week and my inclination for spending my spare time outside, in or around the woods, I’ve been thinking about living in such close proximity to wildlife as we do North Van, and what that means in terms of ensuring both their and our well-being. I’ve also been evaluating my outdoorsy know-how (particularly in regards to bear encounters!) and have decided that I could definitely use a refresher course. So if you’d like to brush up your wildlife and wilderness safety knowledge with me, here’s what I’ll be reading!

Co-existing With Our Neighbours…
livingwithbears bearsinbackyard livingwithwildlife   urbanbestiary
These titles each offer a look at living in close quarters with our furry (or feathered… or scaly) neighbours. Linda Masterson’s Living with Bears Handbook (on order) is now in its 2nd edition, and offers practical solutions to avoid conflicts with backyard bears. Edward R. Ricciuti’s Bears in the Backyard (on order) follows a similar vein for other animals – including coyotes and cougars – as well as bears,with a great mix of stories, research, and advice.

Russel Link’s Living with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest (on order) covers a wide variety of backyard visitors – mammals, birds, and reptiles – specific to our region, discussing both how to identify them and live harmoniously with them. Lyanda Lynn Haupt’s The Urban Bestiary is a more philosophical title, exploring the science, myth, and stories of common urban critters using a through a bestiary-like format.

In Defense (and Celebration!) of Bears…
grizzlymanifesto bearspirit
For most of us, bears inspire equal parts fear and awe, and these two titles do an excellent job exploring that. In The Grizzly Manifesto, journalist and conservationist Jeff Gailus explores the politics of Grizzly population management in both the US and Canada, and is a an eye-opening wake-up call. Bear: Spirit of the Wild is a bear photography collection from National Geographic, and (as you’d expect) is filled with powerful, spectacular shots of polars, grizzlies, black, and spirit bears from photographer Paul Nicklen’s journeys in the Canadan, Alaskan, and Norwegian wilderness.

Outdoor Safety…
ultimatebackcountry outdoorsafety bearaware
For those of you who spend time hiking and backpacking,  here are a few titles specific to outdoor adventure. Aram von Benedikt’s Ultimate backcountry Survival Manual is a recent release (May 2016), covering a wide array of backpacking gear, skills, and survival situations – including animal encounters – in detail.  BC Author Mike Nash’s Outdoor Safety & Survival covers all of the essentials, including gear, navigation, wildlife encounters, first aid, and other emergency situations (personally, I love the cover). Alternately, if you’re looking for something more focused, Bill Schneider’s Bear Aware (on order) is – in Falcon Guide style – a succinct, “quick reference bear country survival guide.”

New Outdoor Adventure Books…
bravingit becomingwild
Or, if you prefer your outdoor adventure by proxy, try one of these recent titles. Braving It by James Campbell is a story of a father and daughter’s adventures in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, as well as an exploration of a father-daughter relationship and a child’s coming-of-age.  In Nikki van Schyndel’s Becoming Wild, she recounts her experiences living self-sufficiently for 18 months in coastal BC’s wilderness. I’m most intrigued by her bringing a cat along…? My cats wouldn’t last a minute – they’re more afraid of bugs and spiders than I am.
Wishing you happy and safe outdoors-ings, whether in person or by armchair!
– Kat






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