Picks for Pop


With Father’s Day coming up on June 19th (you’re welcome) it’s time to start thinking of dear ol’ dad’s literary interests. Here are some books we think might be a hit!


Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Elon Muskelonmusk

A hot topic in the headlines right now, Elon Musk’s authorized biography delves into the
mind of one of the world’s most powerful entrepreneurs. For the tech-savvy dad this book is sure to electrify!


romanovsThe Romanovs – Simon Sebag Montefiore

For the historically inclined dad with a bit of free time, the new book The Romanovs is a good choice. Coming in at 816 pages, and chronicling the rise and fall of the Romanov Empire in Russia this book covers figures such as Ivan the Terrible, Tolstoy, and Lenin. Steeped in research, this book will be sure to fuel some fatherly fact sharing once he’s done.


When Breath Becomes Air – Paul Kalanithi whenbreath

A remarkable new non-fiction book about a neurosurgeon who is diagnosed with cancer at 36 years old. In When Breath Becomes Air, Kalanithi digs into the deep questions such as what it means to have a child when one has a terminal illness, and what makes life worth living. A mind-opening read for the philosophical father.

madebyhandMade By Hand: Searching for meaning in a throwaway world.  – Mark Frauenfelder

Tinkering dads will love this book by the editor-in-chief of MAKE magazine which examines the ever-growing popularity of the DIY movement. According to Frauenfelder, DIY is a direct reflection of our basic human desire to invent and improve, and Made By Hand celebrates and encourages the inventors and hobby-engineers who come up with projects like an automatic cat feeder rigged from a VCR.

Area 51 – Annie Jacobsen area51

If conspiracy theories are Dad’s dinner conversation of choice, then Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen  may be the truth he’s searching for. Jacobsen presents a history of Area 51, the famous secret military base in Nevada, assembled from interviews with the people who served there and formerly classified information.


isfatbobdeadyet Is Fat Bob Dead Yet? – Stephen Dobyns

This darkly comedic crime novel is perfect for Dads who love offbeat mysteries. Beginning with a tragic motorcycle accident which cuts an unnamed character in half, the story continues through a cast of odd-ball characters. Stephen King is a fan of Dobyns, and I think your Dad will be too!



Happy Father’s Day!


By Jen Steckmann, NVCL Practicum student

To learn more about Jen, click here 

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