Spring Cleaning Time!

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a junkie when it comes to purging and organizing my stuff, but I’m terrible about actually cleaning. And with it already being May, I’m feeling a bit guilty about the total lack of spring cleaning I’ve done. Also, having moved recently into a much smaller space, my organization methods from my old space aren’t working as well now. So I thought I’d get myself motivated for a Spring Tidy & Clean with titles from the Home Decor and DIY sections of our newly organized non-fiction collection; you’ll find the more inspirational, picture-heavy type books in the Decor section, and the more practical how-to type in the DIY section.

Of course, Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has been the big to-read title for organization lately, but I honestly didn’t find it all that realistic, especially when you live with other people who may not be quite as motivated to tidy up (and don’t appreciate it when you suggest throwing out some of their carefully hoarded stuff…). So here’s a collection of more practical organization and cleaning guides if you’re looking for some help/inspiration with your Spring Cleaning!


Clutter Rehclutterrehabab, by Laura Wittman

This one’s almost a beginner’s guide to home organization – it’s essentially just tips and tricks, most of which are very simple and actually very helpful. I particularly like it really takes into account trying to organize when you share your space with other people – it’s an especially good one for where kids and their spaces are involved.  This one is a great place to start, especially when you’re not a perfectionist-type, and you don’t have time for big organization projects.



Eliminate Chaos, by Laura Leist

This is a 10-Step guide to clearing out clutter and organizing your home.  It’s divided up by areas of the home like most books, but gives you a detailed, step-by-step guide to each section, with tips, time estimates, and common problems in each. This title is very methodical, so it’s a great one if you want a detailed regimen for how to go about this, but with realistic goals and timelines.


simplifySimplify Your Space, by Marcia Ramsland

This title contains a combination of organization and cleaning advice. It divides the project into three steps – sort, organize, and simplify – and contains handy checklists and tips for manageable daily maintenance. It’s a clean, straightforward and calm approach (literally – CALM is an acronym for Create a plan, Approach it by sections, Lighten up and let go,  Manage it simply).


organizeOrganize Your Home: Clutter cures for Every Room, by Better Homes & Gardens

This is definitely one of the more Home Decor-type books. I have this weird thing where I really enjoy looking at pictures of beautifully organized spaces/stuff, so I’ll admit that’s the main draw for me – I like the inspiration.  But, I also like it that this one doesn’t ask you to completely change your personality and suddenly become a dedicated home-organizer; it has a little quiz at the beginning for your “storage style” (librarian, teacher, party planner, & artist) and provides advice on how to organize and maintain based on that – a simplification, of course, but an amusing one. Surprisingly it’s telling me I’m not a librarian…?


organizeitOrganize It! by Mervyn Kaufman

Like the one above, this one’s more on the Home Decor side of things, offering inspiration and demonstration and less of the practical how-tos. Nevertheless, it does have some good advice on finding and using spaces you may not have considered, and organizing areas that a lot of the others books miss, like the fridge, external areas, under-stairs, and attics.


cleaningCleaning, by Real Simple

This is the one I really need. It starts with putting together a cleaning kit, and then moves into a room-by-room, step-by-step instructional guide for cleaning everything and anything, including appliances, furniture, and other tricky item. It has a whole section dedicated to dealing with stains, and even gives advice on cleaning all those books on your bookshelves (not that I’ve collected so many that my books are all covered in dust or anything… ). It ends with a handy chart on how often everything usually needs cleaning. That might be a bit overly ambitious for me,  but this makes it look so simple!


Happy cleaning! …wait, that’s not quite right…. happy feeling of accomplishment after the cleaning’s finished?


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