Christmas Gift Suggestions: Humour

The long nights and short days at this time of year can lead to a certain grouchiness, Christmas notwithstanding. For those grumps on your Christmas list needing a little lightening up, here are some great Humour titles

WhyNotMeWhy Not Me?, by Mindy Kaling

Kaling, an American actress known for her roles as Kelly on The Office and her show The Mindy Project, here delivers a series of essays with titles like “How to Look Spectacular,” “Soup Snakes,” and “Unlikely Leading Lady.” Her trademark anxieties, observations on glamour, and 4 a.m. worries are the perfect antidote for a busy and stressful holiday season.

Modern Romance, by Aziz Ansari and Eric KlinenbergModernRomance

Most comedians who author books, write memoirs. Not Aziz Ansari. In this book he partners up with Sociologist Eric Klinenberg and they tackle the subject of, well, modern romance. The resulting research project is by turns hilarious and surprising, and it’s unlike anything else on the shelves this season. A great gift for the singletons on your list, as well as anyone given to rolling their eyes at modern foibles.

FuriouslyHappyFuriously Happy, by Jenny Lawson

A funny, ridiculous book about crippling depression and anxiety? Lawson goes there in this highly amusing memoir about her lifelong battle with mental illness – except that it’s really more about embracing life and joy in outrageous ways. Odd, sardonic, and fun, this one would make a great gift for anyone needing a little levity.

SevenGoodYearsThe Seven Good Years, by Etgar Keret

Accomplished Israeli author Etgar Keret covers a seven year stretch between the birth of his son and the death of his father in this entertaining and terrific memoir. The text is divided into humorous little episodes that reveal much about human stupidity, birth, death, and children’s devious imaginations. Wrap this one up for anyone on your list.

And for the more plugged-in set, here are a few humorous titles by Internet personalities: bloggers, Youtubers, etc.:

YoureNeverWeirdYou’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost), by Felicia Day

“Home-schooled for hippie reasons,” Day dishes on her misadventures in Hollywood and on being an Internet star.

Self Help, by Miranda SingsSelfHelp

Youtuber Miranda Sings provides singularly unhelpful and sassy advice on life. Very loopy.

YouDeserveDrinkYou Deserve a Drink, by Mamrie Hart

A cocktail recipe accompanies each of these hilarious and boozy adventures.

Happy shopping!

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