Colleen’s Recent Reads – Books in Series

In these picks, instead of spending time with these great fictional characters in just one novel, I get to enjoy them for multiple books!

 ShadowOnCrownShadow on the Crown and The Price of Blood, by Patricia Bracewell (historical fiction)

Bracewell’s two novels Shadow on the Crown and its sequel The Price of Blood are the story of Emma of Normandy, who as a frightened 15 year old was sent to England to marry a king. It was a complex time of change in English history, just prior to the Norman Conquest. Few stories of women have come down to us, but this novel is based on Emma’s own story which she arranged to be written down before her death.

The Ghost Fields, by Elly Griffiths (mystery)GhostFields

Archeologist Ruth Galloway lives by the seacoast in Norfolk, England, nearing middle age as a single professional woman, and with a cohort of friends including a Druid. She’s a likeable, ordinary woman who falls in love with an unsuitable man. In The Ghost Fields, Ruth’s life is threatened as she helps to solve a World War Two murder mystery. Seventh in the series.

MaliceAtPalaceMalice at the Palace, by Rhys Bowen (historical mystery)

Lady Georgiana Rannoch is thirty-fifth in line to the British throne – but her blue blood brings no money! Struggling to make ends meet in 1930’s London, she is forced to accept yet another paid assignment from her royal relatives, this time to teach a foreign bride-to-be how to behave, with very funny events along the way and a murder to solve. This is the ninth and latest of the series that began with Her Royal Spyness. I so enjoy Lady Georgie who can resume her nobility at will and then be an everyday citizen again.

Nightfall Over Shanghai, by Daniel Kalla (historical fiction)NightfallShanghai

Local emergency doctor Daniel Kalla has written a terrific series about the Jewish community in Shanghai, China. Starting in The Far Side of The Sky, after fleeing the Nazi takeover in Austria, the Adler family ends up in Japanese-occupied Shanghai to begin a new life. Shanghai-born Sunny joins their family and through the two sequels, Rising Sun, Falling Shadow and Nightfall Over Shanghai, they endure loss and hardship through to 1945 when at last they hope to live freely once again. There is talk of a movie and/or television series based on this trilogy and I can even see an opening for a fourth book.

Now back to my book: presently enjoying Tides of Honour by Genevieve Graham.

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