Armchair Travel: Africa


The current non-fiction book theme in the lobby is Africa. Here are a few of the titles on offer – enjoy!

InArabianNightsIn Arabian Nights, by Tahir Shah

Vicariously experience Morocco in this narrative adventure. As Shah journeys across Saharan sands, explores medinas and visits ordinary Moroccans, he collects traditional stories – which he incorporates into the text. The result is a layered and complex portrait of a culture few of us will ever have the privilege of knowing well.

Cathedral of the Wild: An African Journey Home, by Boyd VartyCathedralOfWild

Growing up on a South African game reserve, the author’s childhood experiences were far from the norm: malaria, black mambas, a crocodile attack…. Despite this extraordinary beginning, though, Varty loses his way. This memoir recounts his spiritual quest, a reconnection with nature, and finally a rediscovery of life purpose in a place where man and nature strive for balance.

ConversationsWithMyselfConversations with Myself, by Nelson Mandela

This autobiography of one of the most inspiring people of our age draws heavily on original source material. Journals, draft letters, notebooks, recorded conversations, speeches, and correspondence, all drawn from Mandela’s personal archive, allow for insights into the thoughts and struggles of this great man at the time the events occurred – rather than recalled from the present vantage point.

An African Love Story: Love, Live and Elephants, by Daphne SheldrickLoveLifeElephants

Alive with compassion and humour, this memoir by the first person to ever successfully hand-rear newborn elephants, illuminates the author’s long quest to create sanctuaries for endangered animals in Kenya. It’s also a heart-breaking love story as Sheldrick’s husband, a famous park warden, dies young.

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