Self Help

Closeup of candle flame.Featured on the third floor just now, is a display of books from the Self Help collection. As the daylight diminishes and our schedules shift to crazy autumn mode, who couldn’t use a bit of self-care?

10%Happier10% Happier, by Dan Harris

After an on-air panic attack, TV journalist Dan Harris knew he needed to make some changes. Eventually he realized it was the incessant voice in his head that led to his bad decisions – and attempts to quiet that voice drew him to meditation. Cynicism, network news, and neuroscience… what more could you ask for in a Self Help book?

The Power of the Heart, by Baptist De PapePowerOfHeart

Find your purpose! As a young lawyer, De Pape was full of anxiety about his future and uncertain about how to live. He embarked on a quest that took him around the world interviewing spiritual thinkers – people like Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Isabel Allende, and many others. The result is an inspiring book full of life-lessons from living icons.

SwitchSwitch, by Chip and Dan Heath

How do we make the difficult changes we know are needed? Conceptualizing the mind as governed by both rationalism and emotion, the Heaths give strategies for uniting these driving forces which can lead to dramatic results. Readers of Malcolm Gladwell will enjoy the story-driven approach peppered with counterintuitive research.

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