Patricia’s Fresh Picks for September 2015

Bleak House, I’m looking at you.

As I have learned in Septembers past, September is not a great time for working moms to start doorstop-sized books.  In fact, between learning which child has soccer practice on which night at which field and planning litterless lunches for picky eaters, I find myself with much less time to read than I would like.  Much less.

So with a strong desire to read, and barely any time to do so, I turn once again to audiobooks.  They are perfect for mornings at the gym, and entirely satisfying for walks to pick up the Monster Squad.  (I’ve heard they also work for drives.)

Here are some of our newest audiobooks, the ones that I’ll be relying on to satisfy my fiction cravings until the post-Halloween calm.  (Is that even a thing?):

Purity by Jonathan Franzen

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a Jonathan Franzen fan.  I loathed Freedom, and fell into this book kind of by accident.  I downloaded it off OneClickdigital in a hurry and became instantly smitten with the narrator, Jenna Lamia.  The stories centers around Pip Tyler a new adult who kind of randomly finds herself interning for a charasmatic whistleblower in South America.  As you do.

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

The story of Monsieur Perdu a literary bookseller who knows exactly what book you should read.  His recommendations help people heal through literature.  If only he could mend his own heartbreak.

The Bone Tree by Greg Iles

Despite my best intentions I didn’t read Iles’ newest Penn Cage novel this summer.  When we last saw Cage at the end of the gripping Natchez Burning, he and his fiancee had narrowly escaped from the Double Eagles (think: KKK).  Penn’s father was fleeing a murder charge.  The Bone Tree picks up exactly where Natchez left off.  It’s sure to be a wild ride.

Just like September, eh?



  1. Don’t feel bad… I went for years not reading more than a book a month when my children were young. Now I am retired and am enjoying catching up on all that readinng I missed but had I could never had caught up on missed soccer games or ballet events of cub scout nature walks if I had put reading on the top of my priorities. Not only that… now I have a bank of interesting things to write about which I would never have, had I not enjoyed all those childhood events I experiencd with my children. I say: carry on you are doing well.

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