Winter Gardening


It’s time to tidy the garden up for the winter. Here are a few books to help sustain the garden bug throughout the coming months – and make your landscape pop.

wintergardenThe Winter Garden, by Val Bourne

This beautifully illustrated book focuses on creating a garden that takes advantage of evergreens, seedheads, berries, and other plants that bring a winter garden to life. Bourne also has a lot of suggestions about shapes and textures, utilizing things like pebbles, wood, and even bronze. Have fun planning your winter garden!

The Garden in Winter, by Suzy Bales gardenInWinter

Better Homes and Gardens editor, Suzy Bales, has created a lovely book focused on making your winter landscape interesting. Out with the dull dead browns and in with sculptured shapes, colours, containers, ornaments and the unexpected.

wintergardeningWinter Gardening in the Maritime Northwest, by Binda Colebrook

This small volume concentrates on cool weather vegetables and herbs not sown in winter, but harvested then – some can be planted as late as September, so you’re not too late. Colebrook also covers topics like cold frames and composting too. Become a year-round gardener – you know you want to.

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