Giveaway: Center of Gravity

centerThere’s something uplifting in reading about survival.  It’s not the stories of people who haven’t suffered that interest me, but the stories of those who have and have lived to tell the tale.  Enter Laura McNeill’s new novel, Center of Gravity, in which we are introduced to Ava Carson.  Ava is the kind of woman you might look at and say, “She has it all.”  She’s newly married with a stepson and a baby on the way.  But Ava soon finds out her husband Mitchell is not the man she thought she’d married; he’s controlling, jealous, and reckless.   Ava becomes sure there is something sinister in Mitchell’s past.  Before she can act, he has filed for divorce, and what’s worse is seeking full custody of the children.  How will Ava survive?

If you are desperate to find out, enter our giveaway!  We have one copy of Center of Gravity to give away to the third reader to post the name of their favourite book about a breakup in the comments below.  (The winner must be able to pick up the novel at North Vancouver City Library.)


*Thank you to Smith Publicity for making this giveaway possible.


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