Happy Canada Day!

Like Heidi, I’m gearing up for a holiday and won’t be blogging while I’m gone.  But I couldn’t leave without sharing some new and upcoming titles that make me proud (and excited) to be a Canadian reader.

fishbowlFishbowl by Bradley Somer
Out August 2015

“Having a plan is the first step toward failure” is the personal motto of Ian… a goldfish.  Ian has jumped from his bowl (located on the 27th story of an apartment) in a bid for adventure.  On the way down he catches glimpses into the lives of the apartments other residents.

5to15 to 1 by Holly Bodger
Out Now

In dystopian India 2052, girls outnumber boys five to one.  This imbalance gives girls all the power; boys have to complete a series of challenges to qualify for a girl’s hand in marriage.  17-year old Sudasa isn’t so sure she likes that idea.

mountainThe Mountain Story by Lori Lansens
Out Now

Wolf Truly has lived for years without telling anyone exactly what happened all those years ago when he was lost in the woods with three strangers for five days.  This is that story.

Happy Canada Day, readers!


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