Quickpick – Sensei, by John J. Donohue

I’m excited to announce that starting today, we will feature a new column for staff book reviews in 120 words or less, aka “Quickpicks!” Here is our first:

SenseiSensei, by John J. Donohue

Combining the exotic world of Japanese martial arts with a murder investigation, Sensei is a riveting thriller that explores the links between people as they struggle for mastery, identity and a sense of belonging. John Donohue’s “Conner Burke” series is recommended reading by Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews and Booklist, and is also finalist of the USA Best Mystery Awards and the Benjamin Franklin Gold medal for Suspense and Fiction.  Sensei, Deshi, Tengu*, Kage and Enzan* – read one every week for a great summer of action and adventure, or like me, grab your G&T and down one in a single sitting –  yup, they are that good! — Leslie M.

*On order.

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