New 3M eBooks – May 28, 2015

Welcome to a new regular eBook column! I’ve been a half-hearted eBook reader in the past, but ever since we got the new 3M Cloud Library, I’ve been eReading more. I love that I can read a book on several different devices at once, and they will all keep my place. I can read on my tablet at home, then pick up where I left off on my iPhone on the bus. Ultimately, I think I prefer the experience of reading a print book, specifically a trade paperback, but for ease and efficiency, eBooks are hard to beat. Especially with 3M, wich is much easier to check out and download than our other eBook provider, Overdrive. So, in the spirit of my recent eBook enthusiasm, I’m going to start highlighting new titles available in 3M. Here are a few we just purchased and are available now:

The Water Knife, by Paulo BacigalupiTheWaterKnife A near-future thriller in which the American Southwest has been decimated by drought. Presciently timed given California’s current water troubles.

Disclaimer, by Rene KnightDisclaimer The New York Times‘ Janet Maslin called this psychological thriller ‘this summer’s Gone Girl.’ The premise: Imagine reading a novel in the sanctuary of your own home, only to realize in one heart-stopping moment that it is a novel about you . . . and about one awful day, 20 years ago, that you’ve spent the rest of your life trying to forget. Who else just chills?

The Rocks, by Peter NichollsTheRocks A romantic page-turner set in the Mediterranean  featuring a mysterious secret, an island, and several generations of lovers.

The Book of Aron, by Jim ShepardBookofAron By National Book Award finalist Jim Shepard, a deeply affecting novel that will join the shortlist of classics about the Holocaust and the children whose lives were caught up in it.

The Knockoff, by Lucy Sykesthe knockoff A Devil Wears Prada for the digital age.


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