Patricia’s Fresh Picks for May 2015

This May sees the long awaited return of Penn Cage and a comedy about the return of a major historical figure that no one expected (or wanted) to see.  Welcome to my Fresh Picks for May 2015.

bonetreeThe Bone Tree by Greg Iles

When we last saw Penn Cage, he and his fiancee had barely escaped the clutches of the Double Eagles.  Penn’s father, Tom, was on the run from the FBI following the death of his nurse, Violet.  The Bone Tree picks up right where Natchez Burning left off, taking readers on a thrill ride through the turbulence of the civil rights movement and into the heart of the Kennedy assassination.

lookLook Who’s Back by Timur Vermes

What would the modern world make of Hitler’s resurrection?  Why he’d be made a YouTube sensation for sure!  At least that’s the premise of this satirical novel, which pits Hitler’s dangerous bigotry against the absurdity of modern celebrity culture.

librarianThe Librarian* by Mikhail Elizarov

All good librarians know that reading gives you superpowers… figuratively.  In Elizarov’s satire The Librarian, this idea is explored more literally as readers of an obscure Soviet writer literally become endowed with special powers.  The Librarian won the Russian Booker Prize in 2008.


*Thanks to NetGalley for providing an Advanced Readers Copy of this title.

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