Canada Reads is on!

canadareadsIt’s Day Two of Canada Reads and I for one, can’t wait to see which book wins.  This year’s theme is all about breaking barriers — which means that there’s quite the range of subject matter being covered in both fiction and non-fiction.  In today’s debate, Craig Kielburger and Lainey Gossip engaged in a heated debate about whether When Everything Feels Like the Movies is too graphically sexual for it to engage meaningful debate about homophobia and bullying.  Craig argued passionately that it is, while Lainey countered that the language and preoccupations of the book were merely representative of teenage reality.

moviesNot to sound like a prude, but I tried and failed to engage with the story for precisely the reasons Craig described.  To me, the writing felt deliberately provocative — to the point that I couldn’t get into the story.  Is this what it means to break barriers though?  Is the reason I decided not to finish the book precisely the reason it’s a good candidate for this year’s Canada Reads winner?

Which book do you think should win?


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