Resources for the Tiny Home Craze

It seems no matter where you look, the “Tiny House” movement is everywhere. The FYI channel airs its own tiny house series Tiny House Nation. Local governments are talking more and more about laneway houses, the recent award-winning documentary Tiny: a story about living small (available from iTunes), and there’s even Caravan: a tiny house hotel in Portland, Oregon, that allows you to try out staying in one of their five tiny houses for a weekend or longer!

The growth of the tiny house movement has been triggered by the need for affordable housing options, flexible housing solutions that can “move with you,” and for some, it’s about the conscious effort to downsize in the interest of reducing our carbon footprint.

Here at the Library we’ve taken notice and selected out a few titles to help people get started in their own research. Below are not just links to books, but also links to blogs and current websites that may be of interest.

Books that speak to the tiny house lifestyle:

YouCanBuyHappinessYou Can Buy Happiness (and It’s Cheap): How One Woman Radically Simplified Her Life and How You Can Too, by Tammy Strobel

Tammy Strobel and her husband gave up suburbia and the pressures of the rat race to build their own tiny house. This memoir is as much a guide as it is a source of practical information on how small changes can make the biggest difference.

BigTinyThe Big Tiny: A Built-it-myself Memoir, by Dee Williams

Dee Williams is an advocate for micro living. Giving up her large Portland, Oregon home, she provides what is mostly a memoir of her experience building and moving into her small, 84-square-foot house. You would do well to read this, not so much for plans or technical tips, but for inspiration if you are considering a migration to a tiny house of your own.

Books that help you plan, design and construct your own tiny house:

Being able to understand everything from zoning to the most effective way to provide for toileting requires research. The following offer a mixture of photographs and examples of dozens of tiny homes, as well as practical, how-to advice on everything from insulation to storage solutions.

Blogs about Tiny House Living:

 Websites that promote Tiny House services and resources:


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