Patricia’s 2015 Winter Picks

mulledwineFor a few months now, I’ve been having progressively more elaborate fantasies about spending an entire day lounging about and reading.  What would I read on such a day?  The sheer volume of new releases coming out this winter doesn’t make it easy to narrow it down to just a few choice volumes, but I’ve given it a try.  Here’s what I think I’ll be reading this winter while tucked up in my jammies with some mulled wine (I wish):

vanessaVanessa and Her Sister by Priya Parmar*

Ever since reading a biography of Virginia Woolf in university, I’ve been curious about her.  This story of Virginia, her sister and their circle of friends sounds like just the thing to kick off a day of reading.  Plus, it’s told primarily in the form of a diary.

Skylight by Jose Saramago*skylight

With Saramago’s passing, I had given up on ever reading a new book by him again.  Then Skylight surfaced.  It was written when Saramago was a 31-year old unknown.  I’m eager to see what his distinct writing style looked like in the early years.

amnesiaAmnesia by Peter Carey*

A Peter Carey novel set in Australia about a computer virus that releases prisoners?  Count me in.  (We have a copy of this book available as an online audiobook from OneClickDigital, so I can ‘read’ it while at the gym.)

Lost and Found by Brooke Davis*lost&found

A whimsical novel narrated by a seven-year old girl, Lost and Found was originally written as a PhD thesis on grief.

devilThe Devil You Know by Elisabeth de Marriaffi

I devoured this book in a day this past weekend.  Set against the backdrop of Paul Bernardo’s capture in southern Ontario, The Devil You Know tells the story of a young journalist trying to come to terms with the rape and murder of her childhood friend.

The Sculptor by Scott McCloudsculptor

Scott McCloud literally wrote the book on understanding comics.  I’m desperate to see how he fares writing extended graphic fiction.  In The Sculptor David Smith makes a deal with Death.  He has the ability to sculpt anything he can imagine, but in exchange, has only 200 days left to live.

Have some good ideas about what to read?  Please share!


*Thank you to NetGalley and Edelweiss for providing ARCs of these titles!

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