Book News Roundup: January 16, 2015

ZoraNealeHurstonBrad Pitt, Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale will star in the film version of Michael Lewis‘ financial expose, The Big Short. You’ll recall the last time Brad and Michael teamed up resulted in the fabulous Moneyball — a movie so great even non-sports-lovers such as myself were riveted. So I have high hopes for this new venture.

The most stylish authors.

This year’s Giller Prize jury will be comprised of five jurors, instead of the traditional three.

Contrary to the prevailing wisdom of many hand-wringers, print book sales are actually on the rise.

The RBC Taylor Prize finalists were announced this week.

Author Roxane Gay’s spot-on assessment of the problem with this week’s Oscar nominations.

Attention Stephen King fans! Mr. Mercedes is being adapted into a TV show.

Inspiring quotes from children’s books.

Happy weekend!


Image of author Zora Neale Hurston via.

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