NVCL Staff Favourites from 2014 – Part II

We asked our staff to tell us the best book they read in 2014. You can see Part I here. And here is Part II:

The Children Act, by Ian McEwanChildrenAct

“This is a great short novel about a judge who has to rule on a case concerning a gravely sick child whose parents, on religious grounds, want to prevent a hospital from administering a life-saving treatment. The story unfolds against the backdrop of the judge’s troubled marriage. The work is fast-paced and thought-provoking, and thematically similar to McEwan’s earlier novel, Enduring Love.” – David, Web Content Specialist

DeathAngelDeath Angel, by Linda Fairstein

“Assistant D.A. Alexandra Cooper and her partner Mike Chapman investigate the murder of a young woman. While trying to solve this murder, you will get some history about New York City’s Central Park, cross paths with another unsolved murder, and a few other unexpected twists and turns.” – Margarete, Special Services Coordinator

GetRealGet real by Donald E. Westlake

“Why? It’s not the best of his Dortmunder novels, but he died in 2008 and I thought I’d read them all.  My delight on finding one I’d missed bumped this one up the ranking a bit.” – Sandy, Auxiliary Librarian

Mysteries by Barbara Nadel

“Currently I am reading Barbara Nadel’s mysteries.  Often referred to as the Dona Leon of mysteries, however Barbara sets her mysteries in Istanbul and sometimes it is necessary for the detectives to visit other parts of Turkey.  Very complicated plots but the real strength of these mysteries is  the strong sense of place and the window onto the multi-ethnic makeup of Turkey.” – Dee, Public Services Assistant

OliveKOlive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout

“This compassionate book depicts lives of residents of a small town through the presence of one complex, strong and unforgettable character: Olive Kitteridge. The lives that are lived are filled with all of the ingredients of human drama — desire, despair, jealousy, hope, and love, but we learn to look forward to finding Olive again each time the focus moves to a new story.” – Fereshteh, Reference and Multicultural Services Librarian

StationElevenStation Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel

“Very rarely does a book actually live up to, and then surpass, my over-hyped expectations. This happened two years ago with Peter Heller’s The Dog Stars, and it happened again this year with Station Eleven. An exquisitely told story about a traveling troupe of actors and musicians in the post-apocalyptic United States, this book hits all the right notes. Great story (and story within a story), compelling characters, a philosophical treatise on the persistence of art and culture in a desolate world, and beautiful writing. This is one of my new all-time favourites and I can’t recommend it enough.” – Heidi, Readers’ Services Librarian

TenthofDecTenth of December, by George Saunders

“I was a liiiittle on the fence about this one, but the last story totally blew me away. Blew. Me. Away.” – Cara, Head of Community, Program, and Service Development

Happy Holidays from the NVCL Staff! We’ll see you next year!

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