Patricia’s Holiday Gift Guide for Young Booklovers

I love shopping for children’s books. Hours can be lost while I browse Kidsbooks in the Village (or even our own booksale for that matter). Not sure what books to buy the half pints on your holiday list? Here are some recommendations:

fionawattFor 0-2 year olds: Fiona Watt’s That’s Not My… series
There are several titles in this playful series. In each one a white mouse is looking for his tiger (dinosaur, fairy, truck, etc.) and comes across several similar items that have a different texture. The books are sturdy enough to stand up to multiple readings and each page has some texture to it so baby can touch and feel.

cozyFor 0-2 year olds with bookish parents: Something from the Cozy Classics series
Because you are never to young to read War and Peace, Cozy Classics has produced a series of beloved classics, from Pride and Prejudice to Moby Dick. Each book retells its story in twelve well-chosen words.

octonautsFor the preschool biologist: Meomi’s The Octonauts series
From the team that brought us the 2010 Winter Olympic mascots, this series is both educational and a lot of fun. Each book relates a new undersea adventure with a playful vibe. Best of all, the series stands up to multiple re-reads without getting old for the grown-ups.

demondentistFor the Roald Dahl fan: The Demon Dentist by David Walliams
Or anything by David Walliams really. In The Demon Dentist, twelve-year old Alfie tries hard to avoid going to the dentist… ever. In the past, it wasn’t so hard, but now there’s a new dentist in town. She creepily wants the children to call her “Mummy” and her homemade toothpaste eats through stone… could she be behind the grisly gifts left under children’s pillows at night?

readingbonesFor the relatives living abroad who want a “Canadian” book: The Peggy Henderson series by Gina McMurchy-Barber
In the first book, Reading the Bones, 12-year old Peggy Henderson has to move in with her aunt and uncle who live in Crescent Beach, BC. While she’s there, she and her uncle discover an ancient burial site, and over time, Peggy learns how to ‘read the bones’ and discovers the story of Shuksi’em, the storyteller whose skeleton she uncovered.

Happy Shopping!


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