A Tale of Two Revivals

Because the world sometimes moves in mysterious ways, I had two holds come in last week.  (Actually that part is pretty normal.)  What is strange is that they shared the same unusual title: Revival.

revivalOne, as you undoubtedly know, is the new Stephen King book.  It marks the author’s return to horror after Mr. Mercedes, the creepy thriller that was published this spring.  There is a delicious tension in the way King plays with the title.  One of the main characters is Pastor Danny Jacobs.  He floats in and out of the protagonist’s (Jamie Morton’s) life.  Given the prominence of a religious man in the novel, you’d expect King to use the title in its religious sense, “a reawakening of religious fervor”, but that expectation is subverted.  Instead, Pastor Jacobs loses his faith in the wake of personal tragedy, and goes on the road as a healer, a man who restores vitality to the desperate ill.  But how dark is the source of his power?revival2

The second Revival bills itself as rural noir.  It’s like a zombie comic with no stereotypical zombies.  Instead, the small town of Wausau, Wisconsin experienced an event they call “Revival Day” when the dead rose from the grave.  In the aftermath of that day, the town finds itself quarantined by the US Government.  Sheriff Cypress is trying to get to the bottom of “Revival Day” and discover what caused it, while his eldest daughter, Officer Dana Cypress tries to solve her sister Em’s murder– without letting anyone know that Em is a reviver too.

Both are engrossing reads.  And with the end of school term just around the corner, they are just what I need to revive my own interest in reading for pleasure.  Let the holidays… begin!



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