Michael’s Autumn Non-fiction Reads

Ordering books is one of my favourite roles as a non-fiction librarian. I get to peruse all the publishers’ catalogues and anticipate all the great material that’s coming our way. Here are a few of the books on order that I’m looking forward to this autumn:

EpilogueEpilogue: A Memoir by Will Boast

Settling his father’s estate, Boast discovers that his dad had another family before marrying his mother. Boast sets out to meet his newly-discovered half-brothers and finds out how little he really knew about his father – revising his views of his personal history along the way.

FlirtingWithFrenchFlirting with French by William Alexander

In his fifties, Alexander decides he has to master the French language – after all, he is a raging Francophile. But the process turns out to be more complex than anticipated…. Part humorous memoir, part exploration of the neuroscience of language acquisition, this promises to be an amusing plaisir.

HowIWonHow I Won the War for the Allies: One Sassy Canadian Soldier’s Story by Doris Gregory

After challenging UBC’s discriminatory policies against women, Doris Gregory joined the Canadian Women’s Army Corp. She crossed the U-boat infested Atlantic, dodged bombs in London, and smuggled herself into neutral Ireland. A war memoir from an unexpected voice.

InnocenceOnTrialInnocence on Trial: The Framing of Ivan Henry by Joan McEwen.

After twenty-seven years in prison, Vancouverite Ivan Henry was acquitted due to lack of evidence. This important story reviews a terrible miscarriage of Canadian justice – and promises to make your blood boil.

TerroristSonThe Terrorist’s Son: A Story of Choice by Zak Ebrahim

The son of the terrorist who planned the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, Ebrahim was raised in a fanatical home. Yet as he grew older, he rejected the radical hatred that surrounded him. A plea for a humane worldview, published by the TED talks people, this promises to be an interesting read.


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