Patricia’s Fresh Picks for September 2014

Today is the first day of school.  Normally many of us would be breathing quiet sighs of relief that our precious offspring are off to school.  We’d be saying goodbye to the luxurious disruption of summer.  Not so this year.  This year is the year of The Strike and it is anything but normal.  Instead we are more harried and uncertain.  We are trying to build after-school activities around an absence.  Our children need childcare, they need to be entertained, and what’s more they need educating.  If this were a normal September, I’d be posting now about what’s new to our fiction collection; novels parents might enjoy now that they have a bit more ‘me’ time.  This year, that just feels wrong.

My Fresh Picks this September are books that are new to our collection that I’m hoping will make lives easier in the days (fingers crossed it’s not weeks or months) ahead.  You can check which items are available by clicking on each title individually.

familyFamily Meals

Short on time?  Want to make one meal the whole family will enjoy?  Try this cookbook from celebrity chef Michael Smith.  There’s a helpful section on make ahead meals and one on quick dinners.  My favourite part about the book is that it has lots of photos (so I know how dinner was supposed to look).


math50+ Super-Fun Math Activities

We own Grade 2 through Grade 5.  For those of us who never dreamed of being math teachers, each book features more than 50 ready-to-go activities.


yogaPizza Party and Jillian Michael’s Yoga Inferno (Downloadable Videos)

Two digital yoga classes.  One for the kidlets and one for the parents.  All together now… breathe!

Happy September — it’ll get easier.


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