Vacation Holds Haul

VacationHoldsHaulSometimes, the perfect holds haul comes in at the perfect time. This happened to me today. RIGHT BEFORE I GO ON VACATION. This is a magical and rare occurrence, and I feel so, so lucky.

I got three novels I am dying to read, that are incidentally also perfect vacation books (substantial enough to not be embarrassed seen reading them, but still gripping and/or entertaining enough to be be perfect for the beach). I got two project-y cook books, and a running guide.

Here’s the haul:

The Vacationers, by Emma Straub is being called the smart beach read of the season. (See my Summer Picks description). Yay!

Land of Love and Drowning, by Tiphanie Yanique is a novel that follows three generations of one family living through the modern history of the Virgin Islands territory. It has been getting great reviews.

An Untamed State, by Roxanne Gay is a debut novel about a Haitian-American woman’s kidnapping is being called “riveting” in its many glowing reviews.

Preserving by the Pint, by Marisa McClellan: Because I have a very small kitchen, but still want to try my hand at urban homesteading.

Sauces: Classical and Contemporary Sauces Making, by James Peterson: Apparently, this is the Bible of sauce-making.

Complete Book of Women’s Running, by Dagny Scott Barrios: I just finished my first 5k and want to progress. Vacation running! It’s a thing.

What are you reading on vacation this Summer?


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