Staff Picks: Michael

MichaelKName: Michael Kerr

Job Title: Digital Services Librarian

Best book I read this year so far: Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness, by Susannah Cahalan. No, wait. Alison Wearing’s Confessions of a Fairy’s Daughter: Growing Up with a Gay Dad (sometimes being a Gemini has its drawbacks). Let’s call those a tie for first place with Gypsy Boy, by Mikey Walsh a close second.

I will read any book by: J. K. Rowling or J.D. Salinger.

Best place to curl up with a book on a rainy day: In front of the fireplace chez nous.

Best place to lounge with a book in the sun: On the roof-deck of our new place – anyone know where I can get some nice Adirondack chairs?

If I was stuck on a desert island, the book I’d have with me is: Does it have to be only one? How about I get stranded with a suitcase full of books. Or my iPad and a power-source. If it had to be only one, how about something like The Complete Works of Jane Austen. I’ve read them of course, but they do bear re-reading

A book I know I should read, but haven’t: Anything by Proust.

A guilty pleasure favourite: Popular Young Adult fiction – Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.; Archer.

Best beverage to pair with a good book is:Cabernet Sauvignon, a nice beefy one. Or an Australian Petit Verdot.

Best snack to pair with a good book is:Cheesies, the soft kind that dissolve in your mouth (goes smokin’ well with Cab Sauv too).

If I’m not reading, I’m: writing or working or eating or cooking

The two book characters I would most love to have dinner with are: Harry Potter and Zooey Glass

The book I push on all my friends because it is soooooooo good: A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City: A Diary, (Anonymous). Unputdownable, if disturbing.

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