Bedtime reading is magic

RainbowMagicIt all started innocently enough:  fourteen months ago I had had it up to here with reading Rainbow Magic books every night when there are so many other titles I’d rather be reading.  In an attempt to lure my pumpkin princesses away from the samey adventures of Rachel, Kirsty and their fairy friends, I brought home a book I’d never read: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  I’d thought we could read just the first book, it would open the girls up to other non-RM books, and that would be the end of it (at least until they were older).  Boy was I wrong.

For fourteen months we eagerly awaited that special time each evening when we could curl up together and find out what trouble Harry was in… and how HarryPotterhe’d get out of it.  We laughed ourselves silly at the Weasley twins’ antics and Ginny’s Valentine poem to Harry (we even made up our own tune for that one).  We eagerly awaited Quidditch matches and tried to keep track of which house was set to win the House Cup.  Finally, we cried that it was all over (well, I did anyway) and that not all our friends had lived to fight another day.  The experience was everything I want from books, and it was made even stronger by the fact that it was shared, one cozy cuddle at a time, with my girls.

HermioneUsually at this point in my post, I’d make a list of what to read next.   (We have started on our next reading adventure already with Roald Dahl’s Matilda.)  What I’d rather do though, is hear from you.  What books have you read aloud to your children that were pure magic?  What books were read aloud to you that left their mark?



  1. Hey Patricia, We are on book 6 of the Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events. I keep trying to intersperse other titles (sometimes with success) but their “go to” since we started them has been the next title.

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