Reading Hangover

My coworker, Kate, introduced me to an amazing new term the other day when she announced to our office that she had a “reading hangover.” I instantly knew what she meant, despite never having heard or used that phrase before.

Reading Hangover: the feeling of extreme tiredness and lethargy one gets due to lack of sleep due to extreme night reading due to a book that is such an intense page-turner, you must stay up way past your bedtime to finish it. These are the kinds of books that should come with a warning label. The kinds of books you gulp down in one or two sittings and shamefully cancel coffee dates with friends in order to devour. (I actually did that with this book.)

I felt her pain acutely as I have recently torn through several books that have left me with reading hangovers. Be careful, these types of books are addictive:

AnnhilationAnnihilation, by Jeff VanderMeer is the first in a dystopian trilogy about a group of researchers who venture into an uninhabited zone in an unnamed place where time has stood still for decades.

BirdBoxBird Box, by Josh Malerman is an incredibly spooky post-apocalyptic horror/thriller about a mother and her two children who must navigate the new world entirely blindfolded, or risk seeing a creature that will cause suicidal madness. The premise sounds  preposterous, but this book really sneaks up on you and will scare you to the point of waking up your sleeping partner so you don’t feel so alone.

TheFeverThe Fever, by Megan Abbott is a mystery/thriller following an unexplainable epidemic sweeping through a small town’s teen girl population. Are the seizures and sickness caused by vaccinations? A dark, murky lake where the townsfolk are forbidden to swim? Or is it something more sinister?


What books have been keeping you up lately?


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