Fresh Picks for June: Beach Reads!

Finally!  Beach reading is here.  Time for us all to spread our tartan blankets on the sand and stretch out in the sun for a good, long, sun-kissed reading experience.  We’ve added some new books to our collection this month that are perfect for a day at the beach:

If you like love stories, try

falloutFallout* by Sadie Jones

A well-written story about a theatre group in the 1970s in London.  The Guardian raves, “Sometimes, you find yourself rereading a passage simply for the joy of squeezing more out of it.”


If you love a juicy family secret, try

HeiressesThe Heiresses* by Sarah Shepard

Sure it’s fluffy. Sure it’s silly.  But this tale of uber-rich cousins in Manhattan is also very enjoyable trash.


If edge-of-your-seat thrillers are more your thing, try

natchezNatchez Burning by Greg Iles

I’d never read Greg Iles before, but Natchez Burning demanded my attention from the first page.  It explores the dark side of life in a small Mississippi town.  For those of you who are already Iles fan, Penn Cage is back.


If you are all about horror hard-boiled detectives, try

mercedesMr. Mercedes by Stephen King

When we think of Stephen King, most of us think horror.  This novel is a bit of a departure of King, owing more to the detective genre than anything else.  The crime that takes place is both savage and calculating: a masked driver willfully drives through a line at a job fair.  His victims include a mother and her infant child.  It’s up to a retired detective to solve the case.

If your inner reader chants, “Zombies!  Zombies! Zombies”, try

xomXom-B by Jeremy Robinson

I’m rarely sucked in by book trailers, but look!

If you like it when someone dips your YA science fiction, try

hereandnowThe Here and Now* by Anne Brashares

Time travel.  Forbidden love.  Questioning society.  Did I mention the future of mankind is at stake?


nogginNoggin by John Corey Whaley

Whaley is an award-winning author writing about Travis, a sixteen-year old boy who died and is reanimated five years later when his head is attached to another body.  His memories remain and the two Travis’ need to learn to coexist.


I’m sure I haven’t named them all!  Which book will take pride of place on your blanket when you next hit the beach?


*Thanks to NetGalley and Edelweiss for advanced readers copies of these titles.

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