What comes after True Detective?

haymitchI was late to the True Detective party.  I couldn’t see how Haymitch and Abs could hold together a TV drama.  Boy, was I wrong.  In fact, since the last episode aired nearly three months ago, there has been a real dearth of grisly murder in my nighttime viewing.  Actually, it wasn’t the murder at all: it was the pulpy noir atmosphere and the uneasy tension between Hart and Cohle.  It made me forget all about The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (well… almost) and remember how watchable McConaughey was in A Time To Kill.  It was divine.  And then it ended.

If you are like me and still wondering what to follow it up with, here are some suggestions:

hannibalWatch this:  Hannibal

If you liked the cultish atmosphere about True Detective and don’t mind a different (but equally grisly) crime each episode, this show about the pre-Silence days of Hannibal Lector might be for you.

Read this: In the Woods by Tana Frenchwoods

Looking for a police procedural that doubles as a thriller?  Prefer your detectives to have a tragic past? French’s debut novel may be just the book for you.

(Re)Watch this: Twin Peaks

I had forgotten quite how engrossing Twin Peaks is.  Like True Detective is centers around a brutal crime in a small town.  Both feature two detectives who alternately come together beautifully and grate on each others’ nerves.

cypressRead this: Cypress Grove by James Sallis

Kirkus Reviews asserts “Sallis shines again in this offbeat tale of a dropout detective.”  Turner is attempting to run away from his past, when he’s sucked into  a ritualistic murder case that has taken place in the small Tennessee town of Cypress Grove.

Have another title to add to this list?  Let us know in the comments below.



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  1. Watch “The Killing” with Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, set in Seattle but filmed in Burnaby and Vancouver. Mis-matched detectives, very noir, dark and filled with tension. Very reminiscent of Twin Peaks (but without the Lynchian surrealism).

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