Sometimes you just need to wallow.

Constructive WallowingGo for it! Wallow! But do it effectively. At least that’s what former North Vancouver resident Tina Gilbertson, a psychotherapist and author of Constructive Wallowing: How to Beat Bad Feelings By Letting Yourself Have Them, says.

Now based in Portland, Tina teaches classes on emotions, assertiveness, self-esteem, anxiety, goal-setting, decision-making and doing work you love. She also blogs for and And she’ll be here on Saturday, June 21st, from 2-3pm to offer a workshop called Emotions 101.”

This lively, interactive class will explain why much of what we “know” about emotions is a myth. Is anger really toxic? Do feelings go away faster if we don’t dwell on them? Can we really control our feelings by choosing our thoughts?

Whether you’re an empty-nester, newly divorced or unemployed, bereaved or experiencing relationship troubles, come learn how to deal effectively with the difficult emotions associated with common life challenges.

TinaGilbertsonFor more information on Tina, visit her webpage.

The event is free and open to the public, but please register via our Events Calendar by clicking on the “Sign Up” button below the event description.

Let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at, and I hope to see you there!


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