Book News Roundup – April 25

fictitious_dishes_heidi-feab1caec4a2f7478066ec38955a283d56deda2c-s40-c85As you probably already know by now, two literary greats passed this week. Here is a tribute to Alistair MacLeod and The Guardian’s obituary of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Do you like literature? Do you like food? Then you’ll probably like this.

HBO and BBC are partnering up to adapt  J.K. Rowlings’s The Casual Vacancy into a miniseries.

Smartphones can be annoying, but they can also be revolutionary.

April 23rd was World Book Day. Hurray! Here is a smattering of reasons why reading is so great, including a pretty infographic.

I’m happy to report that Anne Shirley is officially Canada’s most iconic book character.

Happy Weekend!


Image: Photo of Heidi’s supper from the eponymous book by  Johanna Spyri’s, taken by Dinah Fried via.


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