Watch This Read That: The #Marshmallow Edition

VeronicaMarsBack in the early 2000s,  Veronica Mars — a modern day take on the Nancy Drew franchise — was one of my favourite TV shows. Played by a plucky Kristen Bell, Veronica had hutzpah. She was a wickedly smart, unrepentant feminist teenage sleuth. At that point in my life, I’d never seen a high school girl portrayed with such strength and wit on TV.

Ten years later, the cult TV show has been made into a movie and is in theaters now. Funded by Kickstarter, the film takes place 10 years after the third and final TV season. While I wouldn’t give this movie more than a B+, it was still delightful to reunite with Veronica and gang.

VeronicaAnd for those extra rabid fans, did you know that the show’s creator, Rob Thomas, is following up the movie with a series of books? They take place following the events of the movie. The first installment — The Thousand Dollar Tan Line — will be published next month, and believe you me, I’ve got this one on hold.

Will the movie or the books win any awards? Probably not. Will they get me through a busy Spring event season? You bet.


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