Cold and Snowy Canlit

SnowyMontrealFirst of all, I apologize for being somewhat absent the past week. We are in the midst of action planning for the coming year and I’ve been swept up in initiatives, new program ideas (stay tuned!) and scheduling.

And NOW I’m off to Montreal. So I won’t be posting much again this week or next.

Yes, you heard me: Montreal. Not Cabo. Not Waikiki. Not Bora Bora. I know — it’s crazy.

But I’m actually really excited, as I’ll be attending the Canada Council for the Arts’ National Forum on the Literary Arts.

And in the spirit of discussing CanLit in one of the coldest cities in the nation, I want to know: What and who are your favourite Eastern Canadian books and authors? Post your thoughts below. À bientôt!


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  1. Define East! East of BC, or from Ontario to Newfoundland, or Maritime provinces only? While I greatly prefer his earlier work, David Adams Richards is the author that leaps to mind. His early fiction just guts me. He writes about the human condition with devastating brilliance.

  2. yes, “define east” is also my question when thinking of my favourites! I’ve decided to limit my favourites, as they come to mind, to novels set in Atlantic Canada. I think my favourite book of short stories, perhaps for all time, is The Lost Salt Gift of Blood by Alistair MacLeod, for both the strength of the story-teling and the power of place: Cape Breton. Also loved Wayne Johnston’s Colony of Unrequited Dreams and Lisa Moore’s February in which Newfoundland is inextricably woven into the content of both novels; they simply could not have been set anywhere else.

  3. Heidi, if you haven’t read Lisa Moore yet, you should! Also, since I think you mean east of BC: Timothy Findley

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