Heidi’s Winter Picks

One could take a look at my Winter 2014 picks and assume I just chose them for their awesome covers. One would not be entirely wrong — this season’s novels seem to boast some particularly compelling jacket designs. However, in addition to their curb appeal, they all have compelling premises:


dept. of speculationDept. of Speculation, by Jenny Offill

The musings of a wife to her husband in precise and compelling language creates a suspenseful love story. Noted for its small size and one-sitting pace, I’m eager to consume something lean and compact after am Autumn of massive door stoppers, and I think this will fit the bill nicely. Sort of a beginning-of-the-year palette cleanser.



prayers for the stolenPrayers for the Stolen, by Jennifer Clement

After spending six months in Mexico a few years back, I’m haunted by how the drug war has affected the lives of Mexicans. This novel, set in the mountains of Guerrero, where women’s lives are precarious in the shadow of the drug war, tells the story of Ladydi Garcia Martínez. After accepting work as a nanny for a wealthy Acapulco family, her friend is tied to a cartel murder.


martianThe Martian, by Andy Weir

I’m always up for a good sci-fi thriller. Set on the surface of Mars, this one is described as Apollo 13 meets Castaway. And what a cover!



thirtygirlsThirty Girls, by Susan Minot

The interwoven stories of a Ugandan teenager abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army and an American journalist in Africa.




enchantedThe Enchanted, by Rene Denfeld

I admit, the cover grabbed me initially, and it’s not a novel I would normally be draw to, but this book about an inmate in an ancient stone prison sounds intriguing. Described as Alice Sebold (The Lovely Bones) meets Stephen King.


Black MoonBlack Moon, by Kenneth Calhoun

Another amazing cover, this one is set in the near future, about a man’s search for his wife in a world ransacked by confusion and insomnia. For fans of The Dog Stars and The Age of Miracles (hey that’s me!)



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