Heidi’s Reading Resolutions for 2014

UpsideDownReadingYesterday, Buzzfeed posted a “New Year’s Reading Resolutions” list exhorting us to become better readers. I must brag: I already do, or have done, everything mentioned on their list. Start a book club? Check. Set a book reading goal? Check. Stay in on a Saturday night reading? Uh, yeah.

So I now feel inspired to make my own reading resolutions, (since I already excel by Buzzfeed standards), and here they are:

1. Read out loud more. I love reading out loud with my partner, but we don’t do it enough. This year I’d like to read at least a handful of books with him.

2. Read outside my comfort zone. I have notoriously picky reading standards, and find reading books that have not been very recently published (i.e. within the last six months — preferably three) makes me anxious. Therefore, I am committing to reading more broadly. Different genres, books from the past, classics etc. Don’t believe me? Check out my Goodreads Science Fiction Classics to-read list!

3. Read at least 4 nonfiction books. This is similar to my previous resolution, except these don’t have to be from the past. They can be current! Yay!

What are YOUR 2014 reading resolutions? Let us know in the comments. And happy New Year!



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