Book News Roundup

DragonTattooCan you believe it’s almost been 10 years since The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was published? Turns out, despite the fact that the original author, Stieg Larsson, is no longer with us, the publishers will put out more sequels.

Jason Segal will play Infinite Jest author David Foster Wallace in an upcoming biopic, prompting outrage and backlash to the outrage.

For those of us who are itching for the new Game of Thrones season to start, here is a teaser courtesy of Entertainment Weeekly.

Sick of all the same books showing up on every end of the year best list? Check out the Best Overlooked Books of 2013.



  1. Jason Segal as DFW feels like a revenge of the nerds thing for having mocked fanboys upset about Ben Affleck cast as Batman or Tom Cruise playing Reacher. Next up, The J.D. Salinger Story starring Adam Sandler!

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