When Carrie Bradshaw Meets Eat, Pray, Love

Jenny Feldon was living the dream: she was a twentysomething writer in New York City.  Then her husband’s job took her away from it all — to India, where she become an ex-pat housewife.  She began writing about her experiences in the third world  in her blog, Karma in the (Indian) City.  Since then, Jenny has relocated to the States, welcomed two children and her repurposed blog,  Karma (continued…) has become one of my favourite mommy blogs.  Her first book, Karma Gone Bad is just out now, and we’re very pleased to have her guest posting for us.  Without further ado, here’s Jenny Feldon:karma

What travel memoirs inspired you when writing Karma Gone Bad?

It’s going to sound obvious, but I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love while I was in India and also while traveling through Bali, and loved it.
Her journey was very different than mine, obviously, but her experience really inspired me to look at my path in a new light. I also love Susan Jane Gilman’s Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven, Sarah MacDonald’s Holy Cow and Trail of Crumbs by Kim Sunee.

Describe the experience of writing a book with young children at home.
Two words: not easy 🙂
There were a lot of really late nights and really early mornings when I was working on the manuscript for Karma Gone Bad…I’d set my alarm for 4:00am so I could have two solid hours of writing time before my kids woke up.candyland
Little ones need a lot of attention, and it’s hard to explain to an eighteen-month-old that you just need to finish this one chapter before you can take him to the park, or to a four-year-old that you’re too exhausted to play Candyland with her. There were days I literally had to shove my laptop under the couch so I wouldn’t be tempted to work while I was supposed to be parenting, and other days when (even though it broke my heart to leave them) I had to get a babysitter and spent the day at a coffee shop. Balancing motherhood and writing is an ongoing challenge, but one I feel so incredibly grateful for–ever since I was a little kid, the two things I dreamed of were being a published author, and being a mom. To have had both those dreams come true is truly amazing, and I feel blessed every day.

babyYour blog has gone through several transitions. Will there be a sequel to Karma Gone Bad?
I hope so! I have several more projects in the works, and the sequel (working title: Baby Karma!) is at the top of my list. But no matter what my next book ends up being, I’ll keep blogging about my journey–it’s been a wonderful way to work on my writing, and even better one to connect with people all over the world.

A big THANK YOU to Jenny Feldon for sharing her experiences with us!  We can’t wait to see where your journey takes you next.


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