Giller Shortlist Announced

I don’t think it’s any secret that I think that Lisa Moore is an extraordinary writer.  She writes lines that I feel in my gut and stay in my heart.  Her novel Caught, the tale of an escaped convict trying to reconnect with his partner in crime, is my favourite novel so far this year.


Read it. You know you want to.

So I was thrilled to find out that the novel has been shortlisted for this year’s Scotiabank Giller Prize.

Competing against Moore for the $50 000 prize are:

goinghomeDennis Bock for Going Home Again

Charlie and Nate are two brothers each with a failed marriage under their belts.  After decades apart, the two reconcile and try to be each other’s family.  Then Charlie meets up with an old love Holly and Nate finds himself attracted to Holly’s teenaged daughter.

Lynn Coady for her short-story collection Hellgoinghellgoing

Coady’s Hellgoing is the sole collection on the shortlist this year.  In Quill and Quire magazine, reviewer Alex Wood raved, “Misreadings, miscommunications, and disconnections lead to moments of awkwardness and revelation. To her credit, Coady makes us feel every bit of her characters’ confusion and discomfort in a collection as difficult as it is insightful and rewarding.”

cataractCraig Davidson for Cataract City

Canada’s answer to Elmore Leonard writes about Southern Ontario in decline in this tale of two childhood friends who find themselves on different sides of the law in adulthood.

Dan Vyleta for The Crooked Maidcrooked

It’s Vienna in 1948.  Anna Beer is returning to the city she left to find her estranged husband.  Robert Seidel is also returning to Vienna to visit his ailing stepfather.  Their paths cross in interesting ways in this gothic novel.

What a deliciously dark shortlist.  The winner will be announced November 5th live on CBC Television.  Those who don’t want to celebrate alone, can join in the Scotiabank Giller Light Bash here in Vancouver.  You can also see Lisa Moore at the upcoming Vancouver Writers Fest.

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