Girls of Summer


Readers, I really admire some of you.  You come into the library with an author in mind and you doggedly read everything that he or she has seen fit to have published.  You are loyal and forgiving of lesser efforts.

I, on the other hand, am fickle.  I rarely read everything any one author has written – even if it’s an author I love, and routinely abandon series midway through.  Exceptions are rare.

This summer, however, I find myself reconnecting with authors as though they were long lost friends.  Here are the girls I’m spending my summer with:

Lisa Moore

caughtMy favourite quote of hers:  “Trust everyone. Everyone behaves better when they feel they’re trusted.”

When we I first fell for her books:  February

A widowed woman finds her life tethered to one February 25 years ago when her husband and over 80 of his coworkers were lost at sea.

What she’s written now:  Caught

Literary fiction meets thriller in this note perfect thinking person’s beach read.  Pick it up for the story (a young drug smuggler escapes from prison and travels across Canada to begin smuggling again) or for the mesmerizing prose — either way, you’ll be hooked.

Curtis Sittenfeld

My favourite quote of hers:  “There are people we treat wrong and later, we’re prepared to treat other people right.”sisterland

When I first fell for her books:  Prep

Lee comes of age as a fish out of water in a posh boarding school.

What she’s written now: Sisterland*

Twin sisters Kate and Violet are both psychic.  Kate has repressed her abilities while Vi has embraced hers.  When Vi publicly predicts and earthquake, Kate is forced to deal with the mortification she feels being Vi’s sister and with the possibility that Vi might be right.

Lionel Shriver

bigbroMy favourite quote of hers:  “Maybe the greatest favour a spouse can tender is to overlook what you can’t.”

When I first fell for her books:  We Need to Talk about Kevin

I swallowed this book whole in a matter of days.  It’s a devastating look at a woman who does not take naturally to motherhood and her relationship with her homicidal son.

What she’s written now:  Big Brother

Pandora feels both love for her obese brother Edison and responsibility to help him conquer his overeating. Her right to act on these feelings tears at her marriage to her health-freak husband, Fletcher. I couldn’t look away from this family’s dramas.

Susanna Kearsley

My favourite quote of hers:  “There are times when our victories have a cost that we did not foresee, when winning brings us loss.” firebird

When I first read her:  The Shadowy Horses

An eccentric man assembles a team of archaeologists to dig in Eyemouth, Scotland for the missing Ninth Roman Legion on the authority of a young boy named Robbie who communicates with ghosts.

What she’s written now: Firebird*

Robbie has grown up and is now Robert McMorran who teams up with fellow psychic Nicola Marter.  Nicola is keen to trace the history of a Russian wood carving and help an older woman live her dreams.  This novel features Kearsley’s signature blend of history, romance and the supernatural.  It works as a stand alone novel, and connects to her past works in a way that rewards loyal readers.


*Thank you as always to NetGalley for providing egalleys of these wonderful titles.

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