Hugh Howey’s Wool

People read for all kinds of reasons. Normally, I tend to read books with complex characters I can relate to, or books that evoke a distinct time and place. On occasion, however, my life whirlwinds into a heady state of chaotic to-do lists, intense event-hosting responsibilities and a million and one little details to get right. When that happens, I just want to escape into a book.

WoolHugh Howey’s self-published phenomena Wool satisfied this need perfectly when I was deep in the midst of North Shore Writers Festival and panel planning for the British Columbia Library Association’s 2013 conference. Howey’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi tale is set far in the future, when the Earth’s air is fatally poisenous and all known humanity lives permanently underground in a massive,  air-sealed silo.

I can’t tell you how therapeutic it was to get on the bus after a long, crazy day and just sink into this fantastic novel. It’s the kind reading experience where the world around you falls away and you need to be careful not to miss your stop because you are so absorbed in  its fascinating universe and gripping plot.

Thank you, Hugh Howey, for giving me the needed reprieve from my crazy life during those two weeks!

For more escapist fiction, see my Bibliocommons list here.

And for more on the exhilarating moxie Hugh Howey has brought to the publishing world, check out this WSJ article.



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