North Shore Stories: The Birds and the Bees

Poster_The Birds  The Bees

This month NVCL is partnering with the Edible Garden Project to bring you the second installment of North Shore Stories, an evening of community storytelling. On May 24th, we’ll present The Birds and the Bees, featuring six locals sharing stories about fresh starts, food, farming, and the buzz of spring.

Storytellers include City Councillor Craig Keating, local Seven Seas restrauteur and BC Restuarant Hall of Famer Diamond Almas, Jamaican cookbook author Sonia Haynes, Edible Garden Project Community Coordinator Emily Jubenvill,  Queen Mary Community School Principal Bill Reid, and outdoor enthusiast and Whole Foods Market Concierge Justin Malialis.

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. for wine and appetizers in the Dr. G. Paul Singh Study Hall on the third floor of the library. The event is free. Please register online here. For more info, visit our events calendar or the Facebook event page.

Below are the full bios of our stellar lineup of storytellers:

 CraigKeatingCouncillor Craig Keating is serving his fifth consecutive term on the North Vancouver City Council having first been elected in 1999. Councillor Keating holds a PhD in History from McMaster University and is currently a professor of History at Langara College in Vancouver. He has also taught at Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. In 12 years as a City Councillor, Craig has established himself as a leader in the community, passionate about making North Vancouver a place where everybody matters. He has championed projects and programs that people in our community not only enjoy but depend upon – a new library, a new recreation centre, affordable housing initiatives, child care, and a new women’s centre, to name a few. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Councillor Keating enjoys hiking, jogging, skiing, camping and kayaking. He makes his home on the North Shore with his wife, Joanne, and their two children, Madeleine and Louis.

EmilyJubenvillEmily Jubenvill is working to build community and grow healthy fresh vegetables and a thriving local food system through her work as Community Coordinator with the Edible Garden Project. The Edible Garden Project is developing and strengthening a local network of people growing and sharing food, building skills, and increasing access to growing space. Emily grew up in North Vancouver and on Bowen Island, and was drawn to sustainable agriculture while studying environmental sciences at Royal Roads University. While traveling through Australia and New Zealand she studied permaculture and experienced working on dairy, cattle, and mixed vegetable farms. She enjoys working collaboratively to bring fresh ideas to the table, innovative ways to engage with people, and hope to communities. When not working or volunteering, you can find her tending to her vegetable patch, laughing, on a mountain, or by the sea.

Justin_Concierge_PhotoJustin Joseph Malialis was born in North Vancouver and has lived in the Vancouver lower mainland his whole life.  In his youth he had the honor of representing Canada at the World Youth Rock Climbing Competition in Imst, Austria, and achieved various titles in both Canada and the USA. His interests also include snowboarding, electronic dance music, his Chihuahua Beatrix and a passion for good, healthy foods inspired by his career at Whole Foods Market in West Vancouver.  If he had his way, everyone would have access to the healthy foods that inspired him and he will do whatever he can to help!

BillReidBill Reid is the principal of Queen Mary Community School in North Vancouver.  He is a long time North Vancouver teacher and administrator, having first been appointed as an elementary vice principal in 1988, after a number of years teaching at the secondary level.  He graduated from UBC with his BA, then went on to earn a BEd, and completed his graduate work at California State University in 1995.  Mr. Reid is from Vancouver, having been born at St. Paul’s Hospital in the West End, and grew up in the metro Vancouver area, with extended periods of residence in Australia, and in Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands).  Mr. Reid is a life long lover of food and cooking, and most recently has spent time in the deep south, exploring the varied techniques of Cajun cuisine and meat smoking.  Mr. Reid lives with his wife and four sons in the Deep Cove area of North Vancouver, where he is an avid biker, skier, and all around outdoor guy.

Sonia_HaynesSonia Nadina Haynes has been cooking since she was six years old. Sonia was sent to live with her grandparents. A picky eater, she tested her grandmother’s patience and was put to cook simple meals, which her grandmother believed would inspire her to eat. Sonia is a passionate cook and enjoys the alchemy between food and wine. She is focused on clean, healthy cooking that uses the best in natural ingredients for conscious and sustainable cooking. Sonia believes that everyone can learn how to and develop a passion for cooking. Sonia is always trying out new recipes and is pretty good at creating meals from around the world with the Jamaican flair. Her cookbook Caribbean Fusion (a cookbook bringing Caribbean cooking into the average kitchen with simple and delicious recipes, while sharing stories from her childhood kitchens) is in search of a publisher.

Diamond Almas‘ introduction to the restaurant business was peeling prawns and potatoes at his father’s fish and chips shop when he was 7 years old. By the time he was 20, Diamond Almas opened the Seven Seas restaurant afloat near the bottom of Lonsdale. The Seven Seas became the place to go, was well known for spectacular service, and Diamond was inducted into the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame as a Pioneer in 2008. Diamond also served a term as Alderman for the City of North Vancouver, and another for the district. Among his hundreds of friends, he counted Big frank Ross, the Cave’s Ken Stouffer, Frank Baker and Ross Filliponi of the Penthouse as close. Seabuses now ply the route once taken by the ferry that was to become the Seven Seas.

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