What a Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

There is very little in the world that is sweeter than being a mother on Mother’s Day:  the excited murmurings in the kitchen as little hands work to bring you the breakfast in bed of your heart’s desire.  The way each of the kids lay claim to the best part of the breakfast, the one that was their idea (“It was MY idea to mix Pepsi and orange in your Slurpee, Mama” has been overheard at my place a Mother’s Day or two.)  And then the best part of all, when your Monster Squad snuggles in deep and chats to you about how wonderful it is of them to let you have this time in bed to read whatever you want.

Here’s what I’d want to read, if I were you:

StorytellerThe Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

Does a Nazi ever deserve forgiveness?  This is just one of the compelling questions at the heart of this multi-layered drama.  Sure Piccoult isn’t a fabulous writer, but she sure can tell a story… and make you want to talk about it for days.


GhostmanGhostman by Roger Hobbs

A casino heist in Atlantic City goes off… with a hitch and ‘ghostman’ Jack (not his real name) is called in to clean up the mess and recover the dough.  Fast-paced, entertaining and best of all: no children in danger.  (It can be hard to find a good thriller that doesn’t depict imperiled children, no?)


Harry PotterAs for me, I’ll be cozying up with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and three of the best kids in the world.

(Special thanks to my Monster Squad for letting me read all these books in peace, so I can bring you only the best in Mother’s Day recommendations.)  Happy Mother’s Day.




One comment

  1. I read The storyteller about a month ago on a whim. I still cannot stop thinking about it.

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