Redheads Sticking Together to Avoid the Depths of Despair

Can the people at Amazon read?

I’m sorry for my late posting about this very, very serious matter, but I was in such a funk, so full of such utter despair, that I couldn’t even lift my arms to type.  I’ve moved beyond the utter-despair-and-sadness-phase now, on through to complete and utter rage!

Today’s rant is about that oddly irreverent Anne of Green Gables cover Amazon published recently.  You know the book by Lucy Maud Montgomery about the 11-year old, red haired girl from PEI, set in the late 1800’s?  It’s the same book that Amazon put a 20-something, country-bumpkin with blonde hair and 20-something boobs on the front of.





What — did some illiterate Amazonian mix-up the cover photos for that country duo, Big & Rich’s single ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’, with photo-file for Anne of Green Gables?  When you mess up on this scale, you apologize profusely, recall, recall, recall, make a large donation to the historic site in PEI and move forward…. but no, nothing, no comment…  Amazon: you can’t mess with the classics – this is the stuff that gets some of us through the difficult years, especially the years between birth and 36.

This is a sad day for classic literature everywhere… sigh…

**Attempting attitude adjustment**

New approach!  Let’s embrace Amazon’s genius.  Let’s put some skateboard punks on the front of Pride & Prejudice and some hipsters on War and Peace.  Yes, and we’ll even put Kristen & Rob on the front of Dracula, see if the kids notice a difference?  Don’t worry about silly literary concepts like settings or storylines.  That’s just silly high school English stuff you’ll never use in real life.

I’ll offer you a reprieve Amazon – our library offers an Early Literacy program – maybe you want to send some of your staff?  It’s free!


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