Christmas Crafternoon Upcycling Workshop

I will be the first to admit that I am woefully uncrafty. I am the girl who greedily accepts friends’ pickled beets, beautiful hand-knit scarves, and appliqued fridge magnets with nothing to offer in return. My go-to gifts tend to be things I am intimately familiar with — basically wine and novels.

However, lately I’ve been having a change of heart, inspired by my buddy, Denise Corcoran, whose crafting takes a turn for the environmentally friendly by repurposing old things into shiny new things. Denise calls this “upcycling,” and she will be offering a workshop Dec. 8 from 1:30-3pm here at NVCL on upcycling Christmas ornaments and stockings. Her enthusiasm and creativity is infectous, and I highly recommend you attend!

The workshop and supplies are free.  Just bring your crafty mojo and be prepared to meet other like-minded people. All ages and abilities welcome. Also feel free to bring your own items for the workshop (including photos, old cards or gift wrap, magazines, etc).

Check out Denise’s Thrifty By Design blog  for more information on her projects and interests. For more info the workshop, visit here.

Here’s to a more sustainable Christmas season! I’ll see you there…


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