Chris’s Fall Nonfiction Picks

While it seems that summer saw me sailing through a stream of fiction, this year’s Autumn has delivered up a host of non-fiction, mostly biographical titles that are sure to give pause.

No title has been more anticipated for me than Salman Rushdie’s Joseph Anton: a Memoir. After a Fatwa sentenced him to death, following the publication of his work The Satanic Verses, Rushdie, living under the literary-influenced pseudonym, Joseph Anton, re-traces the events that let he and his family to eventually emerge from hiding.

My crush on iconic CBC host Jian Ghomeshi is nicely requited with 1982, a memoir of adolescence and trying to fit in with the cool kids, as a “naïve” Persian-Canadian, during a personally pivotal, political and social era. 



Christopher Hitchens is sure to move even the most contrarian among us with his posthumously published collection of essays in Mortality, reflections about his path through the cancer that would take his life.



And, while I was a little late to it, if you haven’t read it yet, do read Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.  Author Cheryl Strayed traces back an unbelievable journey of self-imposed challenge and rebuilding, as she decides to trek solo along the daunting expanse of the Pacific Crest Trail. 

Finally, my love of art and nature combine in the October release of George Littlechild: the Spirit Giggles Within, a retrospective of 40 years of this truly gifted Canadian First Nations artist. Littlechild’s unique combination of spiritually infused work, using mixed media and vibrant colour offers a soul-inspired journey through one of Canada’s true artistic treasures.    

— Chris

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