The Pretty in Pink Reunion We’ve all Been Waiting For…(Well, almost).

Strong lips.  That’s what Iona and Andie agreed that Blane had in Pretty in Pink.  Blane, the rich boy trying to find the courage to be himself, and Andie, the redhead from the wrong side of the tracks who just wanted them to know they didn’t break her.  And that kiss… you know the one.

 I’m not going to lie and say I’ve spent the 26 years since the film’s release thinking about a reunion between Andie and Blane.  Well, not all of them.  (There was a reuinion in 1988’s Fresh Horses).  But I will say that I’m thrilled that in a sense Andie and Blane are back together on my bedside table.  Molly Ringwald (the actress who played Andie) and Andrew McCarthey (the actor who played Blane) are both published authors with new books out.

Ringwald’s debut novel is also a collection of interlinked stories called When It Happens to You.  There is a lot of feeling in these stories written about Greta and Phillip — a west coast couple with a dissolving marriage.   “Your heart doesn’t think,” Ringwald writes. “Your heart is stupid. It doesn’t consider the relativity of tragedy when it breaks.”  Like Andie, the book isn’t perfect — it’s sometimes awkward and too honest — but it is compelling reading.


Sensitive man McCarthy, who has long since left his Brat Pack days behind him and has been reborn as a well-respected travel writer, has written The Longest Way Home.  It is an unflinching memoir of a man who struggles to commit to his longtime love because of his desire for solitude and wandering, set against the backdrop of some truly exotic locals.  Library Journal raves, “Combining the best aspects of Paul Theroux’s misanthropy in books like Old Patagonian Express and Elizabeth Gilbert’s emotions in Eat, Pray, Love, this book is hard to put down.” 

And so the reunion I never expected to see has happened.  Sure it’s a little weird, but as Blane says, “that doesn’t mean it isn’t right.”


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