North Shore Stories a Success!

Thanks to everyone who came out last night for our first ever North Shore Stories event! We counted 115 folks in the audience. We had to open the dividing wall and scrounge for chairs throughout the library to accomodate everyone, and the Friends of the Library made a killing on wine sales! The storytellers were awesome! From Meghan Radomske’s humourous account of navigating the waters of North Shore sports enthusiast culture, to Kucki Low’s description of immigrating to Canada after working as South Africa’s first female airline pilot, to Global TV reporter Mike McCardell’s assertion that we are all storytellers.

The evening was gratifying not just for the turnout or for the excellent stories told, but also because we transformed the library into a place where locals can access stories and information not just from traditional print and online published materials, but also from their neighbours, friends and families. In this way, the library became a living, breathing access point for information. In other words, the library is alive!

Check out these great photos from the event, taken by Friend of the Library Scott Robarts.


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